BWPA Presentation Evening
Mall Galleries, London 2019
Nature Photographer
I was born in Southampton and still live nearby. I'm now retired after being a Graphic Designer and Company Director of a printing company. I'm married to Kim with grown up (in age not mentality) twins who have finally left home. I now find myself with more time to spend on photography and producing this website.
I was trained in photography at college as part of a graphics course and have carried a camera ever since. After being diagnosed with high blood pressure and a need to de-stress I made photography a bigger part of my life. A chance to get out into the countryside and unwind. I was soon hooked on wildlife photography and haven't looked back. Now it consumes my life and I wonder why I didn't take this path earlier. 
I mainly photograph wildlife but occasionally point the camera at landscapes. Being born on the south coast I love the water, whether it's the sea or the many lakes around my home. 
After four years of trying, with 10 shortlisted images in 2018 and 2019, I finally got a Highly Commended in the 2019 British Wildlife Photography Awards. My mum, and harshest critic, used to buy me the book every year and always said "are you in it this year?". Unfortunately she died in 2018 and never saw me achieve that goal.
All my wildlife photographs are of wild animals (unless stated otherwise) and none are staged or taken at paid for hides. I prefer to find my subjects myself in their natural surroundings by local knowledge or, as usual, just going for a walk and seeing what I find
I use a range of Canon L lenses on both full frame and crop sensor cameras. I never say where my photographs ware taken, other than a vague area, and camera settings are between me and the camera as they are probably wrong! 
All images are copyrighted to Jeremy Robbins Photography and can't be used without my permission.

I'm a keen member of An online community run by Andrew James and Jon Adams. It's a group of like minded photographers who, under the guidance of the professionals, gain knowledge in all aspects of photography and get together, online and at meetups, in a friendly atmosphere. Click on the logo and have a look.
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